Rabbi Tzvi Wohlgelernter and Tali Wohlgelernter

Tali and Tzvi spent 3 years serving as the Rabbinic couple at Rutgers University before returning to Israel with their four daughters and now serve as the directors in Givat Shmuel and Bar Ilan since 2021. They both grew up in Zionistic homes with Torah values at the core. Supporting young olim who live in Givat Shmuel or study in Bar Ilan feels like a continuation of the values which we instilled in them from a young age. They are passionate about growing the Givat Shmuel community through their minyanim, learning programs, and social events. They are also breaking ground by building the English program at the Machon Hagvoha l”Torah. When they are not working, they enjoy cholent hopping in the neighboring streets of Bnei Brak.

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